Sergey Poliakov

Digital creative form Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Currently based in Berlin, Germany.

I create web projects, shoot photos and draw cartoons

I am holding a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Journalism, which taught me creativity and curiosity.

Understanding that Journalism isn’t my way to go, I have decided to acquire business skills through practical experience. The aim to understand how to promote my ideas online, led me to go successfully through a retraining program as a web-developer.

Summarized, this makes me a curious & creative web-developer with practical business knowledge, looking for an opportunity to develop gathered skills.

For code examples check out out my GitHub, CodePen and freeCodeCamp.

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg

This site encourages people from all over the world to visit Saint-Petersburg, because after the crisis in Russia it is extremely cheap and extremely awesome.

May 2016
Olga Kling

Olga Kling

Web-site for Olga Kling, moderator for weddings, birthdays and other special events from Germany. Aviable on German and Russian!

October 2016
Welcome to Bucharest

Welcome to Bucharest

Another "because it's cheap" project. This time about my current living place - Bucharest, where you have warm and soft climate, awesome food, a very chilled atmosphere, mountains and the sea only in a bit more than 2 hours ride away.

December 2016
My first web-site

Ten years ago I made my first HTML project

This was my first HTML project, 10 years ago. With a design considered to be very fancy for those times.


Graphic design

Something I am also interested in

Business cards

Wedding invitations



Shoot & draw


Currently uploading on 500px

This project was presented during my personal presentation at the Bucharest Photo Week and I am still working on it. I combined my passion for bad sketching with my professional photography.

The object of my photography – is the city as a living system. The subject, that I’m trying to show is the beauty of everyday urban life.

Street photography

Check out my portfolio

I’ve been making street and travel pictures since 2009, always trying to find a style to express my moods and feelings while walking down the street. In 2016 I completed a personal retouching and photo-editing course from Efim Shevchenko.


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